Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port

In 2006 “TSL- LOGISTICS” LLC oil terminal in Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port, commerce it operation with its ultra-modern technologies in oil tanker bunkering, tank gauging and calculation and loading/unloading oil product from the railway and tank-cars in the ports of Novorosiysk, and other ports within Black Sea region. “TSL- LOGISTICS” LLC conducts it storage and transportation services with reputable local, private and state-owned companies in Russia and abroad.

“TSL- LOGISTICS” LLC started his bunkering activities in the port of Novorossiysk and it environ, even on road-stead with its own modern bunkering vessels with the dead-weight of 16 353 tonnes to 47 711 tonnes in Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Odessa, and Kavkaz port.

In 2009 “TSL- LOGISTICS” LLC bunkering activities in the port of Novorossiysk increase from its initial capacities with the commissioning of a new oil bunkering vessels with dead weight of 65 930 tonnes, and two (2) new tank storage facilities (storage capacity – 51,297 tonnes each) to help increase the company activities in Novorossiysk and the black sea environ.

“TSL- LOGISTICS” LLC oil terminal in Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port has a loading capacity of 1,977,497 m3 and minimum of 1,050,010 metric tons a year, while the oil terminal in port of Tuapes is serving the vessels in the Black Sea region, it consists of two (2) oil handling terminal and oil bunkering terminal with the capacity of 2,175,250 m3 and a tank of 53,280 m3.

Presently, the oil terminal depot consists of:

Eight (8) stations for loading and unloading of oil products from railway tank-cars.
A boiler plant of 5.5 ton/hour of steam;
Dedicated berth.
Three (3) stations for unloading road oil tank trucks;
Three (3) stations for loading road oil tank trucks;
Waste treatment facilities.
A park of high capacity road tankers.

The Company is working rapidly in increasing it bunkering and storage facilities in Novorossiysk and Black sea region and we are looking forward in commissioning new project in Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port, and other ports within Black Sea region in 2012.